In accordance with the goals of the WFN, and in order to fulfill the recommendations of the World Federation of NeuroRadiological Societies (WFNRS), the aim of the Research Group of  Neuroradiology (RGNR) is to:

  • Increase collaboration between neuroradiologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons within the field of the Neurosciences;
  • Facilitate and encourage research activities in the fields of diagnostic, functional and interventional Neuroradiology, fostering an interdisciplinary approach to the imaging of the nervous system;
  • Develop post-graduate teaching programs, refresher courses and seminars, particularly in the developing countries;
  • Serve as a professional and technical tool for the advancement of Neuroradiology in its fundamental, clinical and therapeutic aspects;
  • Include Neuroradiology within Neurosciences (Charter of XVIIth Symposium Neuroradiologicum, Paris, 2002). 

The major educational and research fields of interest of the NeuroRadiology Research Group (WFN-RGNR) are the following:

  • Functional neuroimaging (f-MRI)
  • Morpho-functional neuroanatomy and morphometry
  • Epilepsy and functional neurosurgery
  • Mental retardation, dementia and cognitive disorders
  • Developmental and neurogenetic diseases
  • Neuro-Oto-Ophthalmology
  • Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating diseases
  • Cerebral vasculitis and Stroke
  • Image guided neurosurgery
  • Interventional and therapeutic neuroradiology

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